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DMU Held 2019 Study Abroad Symposium


On September 20, 2019 Study Abroad Symposium was successfully held at DMU. The Symposium is sponsored by China Education Association for International Exchange, co-organized by IES Abroad (Institute for International Education of Students) and SAF (Study Abroad Foundation), and hosted by Dalian Maritime University (DMU). Vice-President Zhao Youtao attended the meeting. More than 160 leaders, experts and scholars from 58 well-known universities and educational institutions at home and abroad attended the symposium with the theme of “Diversified Strategies on Raising the International Competitiveness of Universities”.




Vice-President Zhao Youtao delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony, and extended a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests on behalf of DMU. He said that Dalian Maritime University was committed to achieving first-class international cooperation by absorbing and drawing on the educational ideas, teaching methods, teaching management models and evaluation methods of renowned universities at home and abroad, gradually forming an international education and teaching system with our own characteristics and helping students to gain passports to the international learning and employment. DMU hoped to cooperate with institutions such as SAF to provide students with more opportunities to learn about the world and to participate in international activities. DMU looks forward to working with all of you to further promote international talent training, scientific research cooperation and cultural exchanges.




Shen Xuesong, Deputy Secretary-General of China Education Association for International Exchange, extended a warm welcome to guests from China and abroad on behalf of the association. She said that internationalization as the content of the universities’ strategic development is an important factor in measuring school-running level and international competitiveness. In order to promoting the overseas study programs, she put forward four important thoughts: the first one is to break down the policy barriers on student mobility, curriculum standards and credit recognition between countries and schools with a global perspective and innovative measures. Second, the scientific, systematic and distinctive overseas study programs should be well-designed to meet the needs of Chinese and foreign college students in the new era. Third, it is necessary to further improve the service-based and student-oriented overseas study programs. Fourth, in-depth research on policies, national conditions, educational systems and cultural traditions of different countries should be enhanced, and pre-trip education, support services and emergency management should be well carried out.




Amber Mercier, Vice-President of IES Abroad-SAF Strategy, New Business Development and Analysis, said that the opportunity to study abroad helps students understand different cultures and worldviews, which is especially important in the current era. She introduced the overseas study programs and related comprehensive services provided by SAF for students to ensure that students participating in the program can finish their overseas study safely and successfully. Amber Mercier also expressed the vision of working with universities and educational institutions at home and abroad to provide more students with high-quality opportunities for overseas study.



In the keynote speech and discussion session, the guests interpreted the current policies, shared their experience, discussed “international cooperation in the field of higher education in the present international situation”, “the role of international strategies in the ‘Double-First Class’ construction”, “the design concept of the IES Abroad Center project”, “the design and implementation of academic programs and theme programs in summer”, “special considerations in STEM program design”, “effective promotion of students' participation in international programs” and other topics which pointed out a long-term development path for models and ideas of future international educational exchanges.

As one of the highlights of the international week of Dalian Maritime University in 2019, the symposium has brought the latest information of overseas study and life to the teachers and students, provided a broader perspective and platform for the international week, and injected new vitality into the international competitiveness of DMU.




After the meeting, the guests also visited DMU’s training vessel “Yukun”, which offered them a great chance to get an insight glimpse of the structure and function of “Yukun”. They also experienced the characteristics and culture of “cradle of navigators”.


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