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A Delegation Led by President of the University of Houston Renu Khator Visited DMU and Signed Cooperation Agreement


A delegation led by President of the University of Houston, Renu Khator, visited DMU from September 15 to 18. During the visit, with the theme of “International Education, Shared Development”, the two universities carried out a series of activities, including signing ceremony of cooperation agreement for establishing “UH Institute, Dalian Maritime University”, conferment of chair professors and cultural exchanges. President Sun Yuqing, Vice-President Zhao Youtao and heads of relevant departments of DMU participated in these activities.


On the morning of September 16, signing ceremony of cooperation agreement for establishing “UH Institute, Dalian Maritime University” was held. President Sun Yuqing extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Mrs. Renu Khator and briefly introduced the course of international education and achievements in faculty internationalization and in international competitiveness of subjects in recent years. He firmly believed that through joint efforts, both sides would achieve more cooperative fruits on the existing basis.


Mrs. Renu Khator expressed her sincere gratitude for the warm reception from DMU and highly appreciated the achievements made by DMU in recent years. She introduced the international achievements made by the University of Houston in recent years as well. Mrs. Renu Khator said, the University of Houston attached great importance to the cooperation between the two universities and believed that the cooperation between the two universities was of great value. She hoped that the two universities would further expand the fields of cooperation, benefit more teachers and students, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

Vice-President Zhao Youtao briefly reviewed the history of the cooperation between the two universities and the achievements made in the joint application for “UH Institute, Dalian Maritime University” .

President Sun Yuqing and President Renu Khator signed cooperation agreement for establishing “UH Institute, Dalian Maritime University” on behalf of the two universities.


On the morning of September 17, the conferment ceremony was held to confer the chair professor of the School of Public Management and Liberal Arts on President Renu Khator. Before the ceremony, Renu Khator gave a speech titled “Trends in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges” to DMU faculty and students, sharing her experience of pursuing her dream in the wave of internationalization and explaining the importance and development of education. She encouraged our students to pursue their dreams and improve their international thought. Her speech also provided new ideas for the internationalization of DMU.


President Sun Yuqing presented a letter of appointment to President Renu Khator and delivered a speech. He said, Renu Khator was a female educator with international influence and this conferment was of great significance for DMU to go international and to meet new opportunities and challenges.


During the visit, the guests visited the training vessel “Yukun”, the Exhibition Hall, the laboratories and teaching facilities with DMU’s characteristics, participated in Chinese traditional culture activities, and held campus talks about the two universities’ joint training projects.

This visit is not only a beneficial exchange of teaching, scientific research and talent training between the two universities, but also an important measure for our university to carry out educational opening and subject innovation. The agreement signed by the two universities witnesses a new chapter in the integration of higher education, international talent training, scientific research cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two universities. DMU will take this as an opportunity to strive to make a breakthrough in Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, providing strong support for the “Double First-Class” construction.



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