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From Here, to the World: Dalian Maritime University 2019 International Culture Week


      From September 16 to 20, Dalian Maritime University held the 2019 International Culture Week, which includes a series of academic and cultural exchange activities. It provides an international platform for teachers and students of DMU, where Chinese and foreign cultures collide with each other, enlightening and inspiring wisdom.




       During the International Culture Week, President Renu Khator, President of the University of Houston, visited DMU. With the theme of “International Education, Shared Development”, the two universities carried out a series of activities, including signing ceremony of cooperation agreement for establishing “UH Institute, Dalian Maritime University”, conferment of chair professors and cultural exchanges. The signing of the cooperation agreement has opened a new chapter in the integration of higher education, international talent training, scientific research cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two universities, and witnessed a new height of the internationalization of DMU.




      During the International Culture Week, Information Science and Technology College, Transportation Engineering College, Shipping Economics and Management College, School of Law, School of Foreign Languages and so on actively held international exchange programs information session to introduce exchange programs to students. It provides a platform for students to learn about international exchanges of DMU, which will have students actively participate in international exchanges.

      DMU has also held an information session on the SAF overseas study programs, explaining the features and advantages of the program, the registration process and the cost, and providing guidance on how to apply for a visa and how to ensure the successful completion of overseas study.




    Professor Renu Khator gave a speech titled “Trends in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges” to DMU faculty and students, sharing her experience of pursuing her dream in the wave of internationalization and explaining the importance and development of education. She encouraged our students to pursue their dreams and improve their international thought.



     Professor Sarah Ward, a researcher in marine exploitation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), led the students and faculty to uncover the mysterious world of marine archaeology. The history and development of marine archaeology is vividly described, and some tools and techniques used to investigate challenging the underwater environment are also introduced.



      During the International Culture Week, the 2019 Study Abroad Symposium sponsored by China Education Association for International Exchange was successfully held at DMU.  More than 160 leaders, experts and scholars from 58 well-known universities and educational institutions at home and abroad attended the symposium. Under the theme of “Diversified Strategies on Raising the International Competitiveness of Universities”, the participants exchanged their interpretation of current policies, shared their experience, and discussed the future models and new ideas of international educational exchanges, which pointed out a long-term development path for the future models and ideas of international educational exchanges.

    In recent years, DMU has been committed to improving the international level of development and accelerating its integration with world-class education. As an important carrier for DMU to expand students’ international vision and enhance students’ international competitiveness. It is not only conducive to cultivating students’ international vision and opening a window of international education for students at DMU, but also conducive to promoting talents training, scientific research and mutual learning from world-class universities.



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