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Dalian Maritime University (DMU), established in 1909, is the key maritime institution under the Ministry of Transport, China. DMU is also one of the member universities of the “211” projects and enjoys a high reputation internationally as an excellent center of maritime education and training as recognized by the International Maritime Organization.


DMU covers diverse research fields such as engineering, science, management, economics, law, arts and philosophy. Complying with the goal of upgrading the university to a first-class university with distinct maritime characteristics, DMU welcomes high-level talents, from home and abroad, to join us.



1. Recruitment Programs

■A. High-level Talents (Full Time)

Distinguished Professors for “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” or;

Young Scholars of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”or;

Talents with equivalent qualification as stated above.


■B. High-level Talents (Part Time)

Lecture Professors for “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”.


■C. Xinghai Professor,Xinghai Associate Professor (Full Time)

The applicant should generally be under 40 years old and meet the following qualifications:

The applicant should hold official teaching or research positions either in famous international universities, research institutes or in world-famous enterprises;

The applicant Should have obtained a doctorate degree, and have no less than three years of overseas working experience;

The applicant is also supposed to have potentials for academic development with creative strategic thinking and capable of leading his research team on the cutting edge in the fields;

For excellent talent overseas with equivalent academic capabilities, the requirements are flexible.


■D. Professor, Associated professor and Lecturer (Full Time)

The applicant should have achieved a PhD degree, and is required to graduate from powerful majors of universities or research institutes well-known at home and abroad, with full-time degrees of all high-level educational stages.



2. Research Areas Required

Transportation Engineering, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Control/Environmental/Management Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Logistics Administration, Business/Public Administration, Law, etc.


3. Salary, Benefits and Support

Successful applicants will be offered highly competitive salary and benefits, research space, scientific research funds and extensive opportunities for promotion etc.


4. Contact Information

If you’re interested, please send your CV and relevant materials to zhaopin@dlmu.edu.cn or make phone call at  +86-411-84729228.