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The 110th Anniversary Celebration of China’s Higher Maritime Education and Dalian Maritime University


On June 8th, 2019, Dalian Maritime University (DMU) celebrated the 110th anniversary of China’s higher maritime education and the 1909-established DMU. Thirty-six guests representing twenty-four international partners from fifteen nations and regions attended the celebration. 

The 110th Anniversary Ceremony was held on June 8th. On behalf of IMO, Juvenal Shiundu, Acting Director of Technical Cooperation Division, expressed congratulation and appreciation to DMU for its past contributions to maritime education. The Signing Ceremony of DMU Overseas Campus was completed by President of Pacific University of Ecuador and President of DMU. Ecuadorian Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China, Carlos Humberto Larrea, donated over a hundred of Ecuadoran publications to DMU and addressed a speech. Dr. Shuo Ma, Vice-President of World Maritime University, congratulated DMU on behalf of WMU and looked forward to future development.






Cooperation for Shared Benefits International Maritime Education Forum was held in the afternoon. Representatives from government, international organizations, maritime industries and universities shared and expressed opinions on future development of maritime education. The guests attended the Anniversary Gala in the evening.



On June 9th, 2019, the guests went on a technical tour to DMU training ship Yukun and attended the 4th annual International Cultural Festival. Over 500 international students from 30 countries joined the festival. The guests enjoyed not only ethnic foods and products, but also unique cultural performances.








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