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Universidad Del Pacífico Delegation Visited DMU


On June 8, the Signing Ceremony of DMU Overseas Campus was held on the 110th Anniversary Celebration of China’s Higher Maritime Education and Dalian Maritime University. The agreement was signed by Sun Yuqing, President of DMU, and Sonia Roca, Chancellor and Founder of Universidad Del Pacífico (UPACIFICO). From June 10 to 12, the UPACIFICO delegation had meetings with DMU on the project of DMU academic campus in Ecuador.



President Sun warmly welcomed the visiting guests. He believed that the signing of the overseas campus is the full start of Ecuador campus project. The two-side cooperation on the project is significant in pushing the development of Ecuadorian maritime education. Sun hoped that the project will be carried out as soon as possible and achieve positive results.


Dr. Sonia Roca introduced UPACIFICO’s program setups, subject basis, faculty number, academic structure, etc. According to her, navigation infrastructure and maritime education is relatively weak not only in Ecuador, but also throughout South America. She hoped that the DMU overseas campus programs will cover Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, Marine Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and Intelligence Science and Technology.


Sonia Roca said that a campus construction plan will soon be introduced and submitted to the Ecuadorian government to gain full support. In the end, the two sides reached consensus to promote positive development of the project.




UPACIFICO’s Director of Research Dr. Leonardo Gutiérrez, Dean of Innovation and Technology Hua Huang, DMU’s heads of Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Navigation College, Marine Engineering College, Marine Electrical Engineering College, and Information Science and Technology all attended the meeting. During the visit, the UPACIFICO delegation visited DMU’s Exhibition Hall, Ship-handling Simulator, Land-based Engine Room and research labs.


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