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DMU Delegation Led by Vice-President Zhao Youtao Visited University of Houston


From June 16 to 18, Vice President Zhao Youtao and the delegation of DMU paid a three-day official visit to the University of Houston (UH), discussing Chinese-foreign cooperative education, joint cultivation and subject co-construction.




Dr. Joseph Tedesco, Dean of Engineering, UH, gave a warm welcome to the DMU delegation and hosted the seminar on promoting cooperation between two schools. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and reached agreement on cultivation mode, cultivation plan, specific labor division and time arrangement for cooperative education.




After the seminar, the DMU delegation had a meeting with Jaime Ortiz, Vice Provost of UH. The two sides reached important consensus. The “3+1+1” joint program between the two schools will be extended to all relevant majors. Short-term exchanges and semester exchange projects between students will be carried out. In a meeting with Prof. Gino Lim, Chair of Department of Industrial Engineering, UH, connection to Transportation Engineering College, Shipping Economics and Management College and Industrial Engineering of DMU has been arranged. Exchange and cooperation will also be made on Safety Engineering majors.




In a meeting with Paula Myrick Short, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, UH, Prof. Zhao Youtao thanked UH for their warm reception and presented the current cooperation achievements. Dr. Paula Myrick Short looked forward to the following new cooperation model and accepted the visiting invitation offered by Prof. Zhao on behalf of DMU. The DMU delegation also had a meeting with Ms. Jodi Nelms, Director of Language and Culture Center, UH.


The visit has an important role in promoting cooperation between two schools, further expanding the depth and breadth of cooperation on subjects, modes and objects, pushing the process of DMU’s internationalization.


Prof. Suresh Khator, Associated Dean, Industrial Engineering, UH, and Prof. Li Sun accompanied the delegation throughout the visit. Heads of Academic Affairs Office, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, College of International Collaboration and etc. participated the visit.


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