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“Maritime Law in Motion” by Professor Proshanto K. Mukherjee is Released


A major initiative started by Professor Proshanto K. Mukherjee of the Law School of Dalian Maritime University and Professor Emeritus of World Maritime University culminated in the production of Maritime Law in Motion, a book recently published by Springer, the world's leading scientific, technical and medical publisher which has released more than 2,900 periodicals and 300,000 books. The book, of which Professor Mukherjee is the Chief Editor, is co-edited by Professor Maximo Q. Mejia Jr. of World Maritime University and Professor Jingjing Xu presently Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of the West of England. The book addresses current perspectives on traditional issues of public international and regulatory maritime law such as innocent passage under UNCLOS, piracy, ship registration, tonnage tax, marine and port environmental regulation, seafarer education, pedagogies and training, human rights and ethics, as well as private maritime law topics such as carriage of goods and passengers by sea including charterparties, marine insurance, arbitration clauses, collision liability and limitation of liability. The book also addresses new, contemporary and evolving issues in the international maritime domain such as decarbonization regulations, climate change, maritime migration, blockchain applications to bills of lading, intelligent ships, taxation in ship management, green shipping finance, carriage of LNG on ships and cyber risks, among others.

In addition to being the principal editor, Professor Mukherjee wrote the chapter "Windfall in the Law of Subrogation: Marine Insurance in Motion" and co-wrote the chapter “The International Legal Regime Governing Shipboard LNG " with Professor Jingjing Xu.


This book brings together distinguished academics and young scholars in the field of maritime law from all over the world comprising 46 authors/co-authors from 22 nationalities/countries. It shows the broad parameters and complex features of maritime law as an ancient and traditional discipline which has evolved through the process of adapting to the development of the times and is constantly changing. Professor Han Lixin from the Law School of DMU, was invited to write on "Compensation for Cargo Damage in International Maritime Transportation: Chinese Law Perspective” and Associate Professor Xia Yuanjun wrote the chapter entitled “Liability Insurer’s Right to Limit Liability for Maritime Claims: English and Chinese Law Perspectives”. Both contributions reflect the latest research achievements of the maritime law scholars of DMU Law School.


Professor Mukherjee has devoted most of his professional and academic life to maritime law and is a world-renowned personality in that field. He was appointed a Visiting Professor at DMU in 2010, and in 2013 he joined the Law School of DMU as Professor of Law where he is currently engaged in teaching and research in relation to maritime law. He was awarded the "Xinghai Friendship Award" of Dalian City in 2015 and the "Liaoning Friendship Award" in 2017. In September 2019, he was invited to attend the "Reception of Foreign Experts Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" which was held in the Great Hall of the People at Beijing.


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