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DMU Held a Preliminary Meeting “In Commemoration of 110th Anniversary of China’s Higher Maritime Education and DMU”



On the afternoon of March 6th, DMU held a preliminary meeting “In Commemoration of 110th Anniversary of China’s Higher Maritime Education and DMU”. Zheng Shaonan, Chairman of the University Council, serves as the leader of the Anniversary Leading Group. Xu Minqiang, Vice-Chairman of the University Council, serves as deputy chief of the Anniversary Leading Group.

Zheng Shaonan stated that the 110th anniversary of DMU is a big event as a major landmark in the history of DMU. It is of great significance to further pool the strength of teachers and students, win the support from alumni and all sectors of society, expand the social influence of DMU and accelerate the pace of establishing the world-class maritime university.

He emphasized that four principles should be followed to make great preparation for the 110th anniversary. Firstly, to be warm and solemn. This year marks the 110th anniversary of higher maritime education. A wide variety of activities is to be launched to create a solemn, festive and positive atmosphere. Secondly, to be practical and economical. The anniversary should be related to major tasks of DMU and Double First-Class Initiative. The practical, effective and economical activities are to be conducted to promote the development of DMU. Thirdly, to demonstrate achievements of DMU. Multimedia are to be widely utilized to make DMU known by the public and demonstrate achievements in developing First-Class Discipline. Fourthly, to promote win-win cooperation. DMU will deepen win-win cooperation with alumni.

      Xu Minqiang pointed that it is urgent and demanding to prepare for the anniversary. The success of the 110th anniversary celebration is DMUers wishes and anticipation, as well as responsibilities and obligation. Great attention must be paid to the preparations. This event provides a great opportunity to accelerate the development of first-class maritime university.

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