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A Delegation of Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College, Sri Lanka Visited DMU


On the morning of November 26th, a delegation headed by Ajith Peiris, President of Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC), visited DMU to discuss issues on DMU Campus in Sri Lanka. DMU President Sun Yuqing met with the delegation.

President Sun extended warm welcome to the delegation. He briefly reviewed the history of DMU-CINEC cooperation and said that over the past decades, the DMU Campus in Sri Lanka worked well and made its due contributions to the maritime education and the shipping industry in Sri Lanka and its neighboring regions. Looking ahead, he hoped to deepen the bilateral cooperation. The parties also exchanged views on issues such as staff training in Chinese enterprises in Sri Lanka and local faculty members training.


Ajith Peiris expressed sincere thanks to the warm reception. He said that over the years the Campus has expanded the influence home and abroad. He hoped to strengthen mutual cooperation, continue to explore the new path of teachers & students exchanges, and jointly promote the development of the Campus.


Lalith Edirisinghe, the General Coordinator of DMU Campus in Sri Lanka, made a brief presentation about the Campus, including the current conditions, project development, future plan and suggestions.

On the afternoon, the delegation discussed with the heads of DMUs International Students Education Center and Professional Degree Education College on students cultivation in the Campus.

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