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A Delegation from Le Havre, France Visited DMU


On the afternoon of September 17, a delegation from Le Havre, France visited DMU. The delegation includes Alyson Meziane, Assistant of Department of International Relations of Le Havre municipal government, Pedro Lages Dos Santos, Vice-President of Le Havre University, Michael Hauchecorne, Deputy-Director of Department of International Relations of Le Havre University, Claudia Sampel, Deputy-Director of Department of International Relations of Normandy Business School.




Vice-President Zhao Youtao extended a warm welcome to the delegation of Le Havre, France, and briefly introduced DMU. He reviewed the friendly and cooperative relations between the Le Havre University and the Normandy Business School in France in recent years, and expressed the wishes to conduct more cooperation at a higher level with the France universities.







Ms. Alyson Meziane expressed sincere thanks for the warm reception during visit to the DMU. She hoped that this visit will be an opportunity to deepen comprehensive cooperation between Le Havre and Dalian, and Le Havre University, Normandy Business School and other universities and DMU.

Mr. Pedro Santos said that the friendly relationship between Le Havre and Dalian has promoted exchanges between universities. Le Havre University is looking forward to deeper exchange in students and teachers with DMU.

Ms. Claudia Sampel said that the cooperation between the two universities is very extensive. Normandy Business School can provide English and French courses to solve the problem of language communication between teachers and students.










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