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A Delegation of Bahria University Visited DMU



On May 8, Dy. Registrar Capt. Munawwar Ahmad and Head of Department Humanities and Social Sciences visited DMU. DMU Vice President Zhao Youtao received the guests.



Zhao Youtao extended a warm welcome to the guests and introduced DMU briefly. Bahria University is one of the best universities in Pakistan and the only university which has maritime programs. Last year, the President of Bahria University visited DMU and started the cooperation between the two universities. And they hope that this visit can push forward the signing of MoU and promote cooperation.

Munawwar Ahmad thanked DMU’s reception and expected the signing of MoU. Bahria University hopes to cooperate in student and teacher exchange, conduct seminar together, learn DMU’s concepts and experience in maritime education. Besides, they hope that DMU can help Bahria University’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs’ construction.

After the meeting Munawwar Ahmad visited DMU’s International Students’ Education Center, Land-Based Marine Engine Room Laboratory and Exhibition Hall.

Director of Academic Affairs Office Director Wu Guitao and staffs at School of Public Management and Liberal Arts and International Cooperation and Exchange Office were at the meeting.

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