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Vice President of World Maritime University Prof. Neil Bellefontaine Visited DMU


From April 4th to 6th, a jury of World Maritime University visited DMU for quality assessment and survey. The jury was composed of World Maritime University’s Vice President Prof. Neil Bellefontaine and Prof. Moira L. McConnell. They assessed and evaluated DMU’s education scale, faculty, scientific research, postgraduate education, international cooperation and infrastructure.



On the morning of April 4th, DMU Vice President Zhao Youtao hosted the assessment meeting. On behalf of DMU, he warmly welcomed the jury, introduced DMU’s state of development in recent years and reviewed the history of cooperation between WMU and DMU. He expressed that DMU thought highly of this assessment and prepared fully and he hoped that this assessment can create a chance for deeper cooperation. Prof. Neil Bellefontaine and Prof. Moira L. McConnell presented their opinions respectively. They said that “ WMU will reassess all the international partners to confirm the cooperation level. DMU is an important partner all the time and DMU is the the first stop of the global assessment tour. We look forward to better cooperation between the two sides.” Dean of Graduate School Xu Jiujun, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office Fu Xianping, Vice Dean of College of International Collaboration Zhang Jinlei and Dean Assistant of College of International Collaboration Zhao Jian were at the meeting.



After the meeting, the jury visited DMU Exhibition Hall, Marine Engineering Simulator, Marine Engineering Lab, Rescue and Salvage Engineering, library and the training vessel “ Yukun”. They also had a discussion with DMU teachers and students. Besides, Prof. Moira L. made an annual audit on the master’s program of Maritime Safety and Environmental Management.




From this 3-day assessment, the jury appreciated DMU’s achievements and thought the assessment was fruitful. The assessment is the foundation of new cooperation model and future development. It is also an essential step that DMU took to deepen exchange and cooperation, take the responsibility of maritime talents and promote China’s maritime power strategy.


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