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The Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation between DMU College of International Collaboration and College of Engineering of University of Houston


On the afternoon of January 8th, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between DMU College of International Collaboration and College of Engineering of University of Houston was held in DMU administration building. Vice provost of Houston University Prof. Jaime Ortiz, Dean of College of Engineering Prof. Joseph Tedesco, Prof. Matthew Franchek from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Li Sun, President of DMU Prof. Sun Yuqing, Vice President Prof. Zhao Youtao, Director of R & D Office Prof. Gong Yongjun, Dean of Graduate School Prof. Xu Yongjun, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office Prof. Fu Xianping, Vice Dean of College of International Collaboration Assoc. Prof. Zhang Jinlei and leaders from Marine Engineering College, Information Science and Technology College, Marine Electrical and Electronic Engineering College, Transportation Engineering College, Environmental Science and Engineering College, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering College attended the meeting.



President Sun Yuqing extended a warm welcome to the delegation of Houston University on behalf of DMU. He pointed out that this comprehensive cooperation was the first step of international open education. The signing ceremony will be one of the memorable days in DMU history. Both sides had made great achievements to the completeness of the signing, including lots of communication and connection before. And he hoped that the two sides can have mutual trust and promote education and research on the basis of solid cooperation.



Joseph Tedesco briefly introduced the major settings, characteristic majors, online education, students’ life, students’ employment, faculty, core research field and the overall situation of Houston. He said he was looking forward to cooperative comprehensively with DMU and push forward related programs. College of Engineering has set up specific positions to promote the cooperation.



Vice President Zhao Youtao reviewed the whole process of the cooperation. The two sides have maintained close connection and visiting since the MOU was signed in February 2017. During this period, both sides initiated an international union of submarine engineering research. Jaime Ortiz expressed that the attitude of the two sides were sincere and hoped that the cooperation can be further implemented and expand the field of cooperation to other 7 colleges. University of Houston will strongly support the all-round cooperation.



At the end of the ceremony, Jaime Ortiz, Joseph Tedesco, Zhao Youtao and Zhang Jinlei signed on the agreement.




After the signing ceremony, it was the meeting of deans. Zhang Jinlei introduced the content of the program. And deans from DMU colleges introduced some basic information respectively. And the two sides exchanged ideas on details.

At last, Director Fu Xianping said, “this program is a special one, the signing is the first step of all-round cooperation. The key point is how to push forward the implementation.” Fu thanked the delegation and hoped more students and teachers can benefit from the cooperation.


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